Budget 2017

This Budget lays the foundations for a Britain fit for the future – investing for the long-term while supporting families and businesses under pressure now, setting a path to a more prosperous Britain.


Protecting Cornwall's NHS

I have been working with a number of organisations, both nationally and locally, to explore ways to improve healthcare services and better understand the challenges facing patients, NHS staff and the community as a whole.

A deposit return scheme for single use plastic bottles

Update 3 October 2017

Steve Double, Member of Parliament for St Austell and Newquay has welcomed yesterday’s announcement from Secretary of State for the Environment Michael Gove that the Government will be consulting on bringing in a plastic bottle deposit return scheme.

Better mental health services for Mid-Cornwall

I have been campaigning for radical change to mental healthcare, both locally and nationally. Mental health is an issue which affect us all either directly or indirectly and I believe greater awareness, research and treatment is urgently needed.

Bringing the UK Spaceport to Newquay

I have been working to promote Newquay’s bid to be the site of the UK’s Spaceport.In my opinion Newquay is in a very strong position, it boasts the fifth biggest runway in the UK and offers the Space industry room to grow in the Aerohub Enterprise Zone. I believe a Spaceport in Cornwall will be a game changer to the local economy.  It will attract a whole host of technical jobs and tourists from across the globe at a level we do not currently experience.

The EU Referendum - Updated 6th February 2017

Statement from Steve Double MP on the outcome of the EU Referendum“I am pleased that we have now had the referendum to decide the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union.”“This was a Manifesto commitment of the Conservative Government, one that I was proud to stand on and one that we have delivered on after just one year in government.”

The 2017 General Election

Make no mistake about it, this General Election is all about the continued Brexit process and who we as a country want to be leading these crucial negotiations.

Save Porth footpath!

Update  - 5th November - Footpath saved!Steve Double, Member of Parliament for St Austell and Newquay has welcomed the decision by Cornwall Council to reject plans for housing at the site of the former Paradise Cove Hotel, Newquay.

School attendance rules

One area where I disagree with the Government is on their changes to the rules that govern school attendance. I was able to secure a debate in Westminster on this and continue to work from within the Government to change the rules for the better.