I will fight for investment in our infrastructure – especially roads

General Election 2017 update

I have worked with the Government and Cornwall Council to bring forward the long-needed plans for a link road from the A30 to St Austell and the surrounding area. This has so far included £85m funding from the Government.

These plans have only proceeded under a Conservative Government.

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I have worked with the Department for Transport to get part of £175m funding to help upgrade the dangerous stretch of the A3058 between Newquay and St Austell.

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I have worked with my Cornish MP colleagues to get additional funding from the Government to protect the rail line from London to Cornwall.

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A large investment is needed to allow the quality of our roads to catch up with the increased traffic.

I have been lobbying on your behalf, highlighting the issue to David Cameron, George Osborne and Patrick McLoughlin, the Secretary of State for Transport.

Examples of projects already receiving my active support:

• The Newquay Strategic Route – this is a key building block in the plan for the Newquay Growth Area and the airport, but it has stalled in recent months.

• A new road linking St Austell to the A30 that also provides a by-pass for Bugle and Roche.

• Plans for new G.P. surgeries in both St Austell and Newquay towns.

Cornwall faces unique challenges in our hospitals and schools. Our infrastructure is under pressure while the funding we receive is not comparable to other parts of the country.

I will continue to fight to maintain and increase critical NHS funding. I will support new schools where appropriate,

A new road from the A30 to St Austell

At the beginning of August I welcomed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport Andrew Jones MP to our constituency so he could see first-hand why it is so important that the A391 gets a much needed upgrade.

While the Minister was in the constituency I also gave him a tour of the new road infrastructure near Carluddon and outlined in full the reasons why we need these essential improvements in place as soon as possible. I will continue to work with colleagues in Cornwall and in Westminster to make sure we get the investment we need in transport infrastructure.

Following this the Chancellor wrote to me in December to confirm the Government has committed substantial funding for the construction of major local transport schemes, such as the improvements to the A391 linking the A30 to St Austell.

This would provide a vital and much needed direct link from the A30 to St Austell that also provides an alternative route for traffic that current goes through the villages of Bugle and Roche, was just the sort of scheme he had in mind when implementing the fund.

This road has been discussed for many years and I am delighted that it is now looking like it could happen. The Transport Team at Cornwall Council are currently working up a feasibility study to determine the best route. I will continue to work with them to ensure we are able to construct this new road as soon as possible. But it is very good news that with the Government’s support the funding will be available and at long last this road will get built.

Newquay Airport Growth

Since my election I have worked closely with the team at Cornwall Airport at Newquay in order to grow and expand the airport on a number of fronts.

Apart from the aerohub and possibility of the UK Spaceport, it is also crucial that the current operations at the airport are expanded in order to offer as wide a variety of flights as possible and increase its use.

I have worked hard in Westminster to secure support from aviation ministers to introduce the jet aircraft on the Newquay to Gatwick route and so welcomed announcements that working with the Department for Transport and Cornwall Council, Flybe will be deploying larger, faster jet aircraft for Newquay-Gatwick route, replacing the prop aircraft currently in use.

The larger, more efficient jet will provide an additional 40 seats per flight (40,000 departing seats from Newquay over a 12 month period) - making air transport more accessible.  They will also improve reliability, increase capacity, reduce journey times by 10 minutes in each direction and improve passenger comfort on the route.

The connection between Newquay and Gatwick is a hugely important link for both the business community and the tourism sector. The airport is already a brilliant resource for the county and I hope this help the airport build on its successes.

In conjunction with this I welcomed news that the £5 Airport Development Free (ADF) is to be scrapped at Cornwall Airport Newquay.

The levy is currently paid by passengers flying from the airport, but will cease next year as part of a package of measures announced by Cornwall Council, to help encourage new airlines to fly from the airport.

I am extremely pleased to hear the airport development fee is to be scrapped as it removes one of the barriers to growth for the airport. Cornwall Airport Newquay is a fantastic resource for not only our constituency, but Cornwall as a whole. It provides valuable business links as well as offering additional tourism benefits to the area. I am hopeful this announcement will encourage more airlines to come to Newquay and the airport’s success will continue to grow.

We need to move the airport to a position where it no longer requires a subsidy from the Cornish taxpayer and this is a step towards achieving that goal.