I will represent your interests and be a strong Cornish voice in Parliament

When I stood for election in 2015, I said it would be you, not the Conservative Party who would be my boss.

In my work as your MP I have done all I can to live up to this promise. I have often challenged the Government and voted against the party when I have felt it was not to the best interests of Mid-Cornwall.

 The Cornish Guardian wrote:

‘Steve Double, in particular, has been a source of annoyance on many party matters, reminding everyone that is a proud Cornishman first and an elected Conservative second.'

I have stood up to the Government on the Devonwall issue - for more information see here

I have also campaigned to reverse unfair rules on taking holidays during term time - for more information see here

I have recently secured £200,000 Cornish language and heritage funding from the Government

I am the first Cornish MP to sit on the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and has used this platform to highlight the ethnic minority status for Cornish people and to speak up for Cornwall in Europe.

I campaigned for Cornish tickbox for people who identify as Cornish in the next national census

I have held annual events to promote Cornish businesses in Parliament on St Piran’s Day

I am ambitious and enthusiastic about our constituency’s future. We need to preserve what is best about this area but also look confidently to the future with a bold vision. I really believe we are on the brink of an exciting period in our history. There will be many ups and downs over the coming five years. Whatever the coming years bring, I will never forget that it is you, the people of this constituency who are my boss. I will remain accessible and accountable to you and always do what I believe is right and best for mid-Cornwall.

Being your MP has been an incredible honour and I look forward to continuing to represent and serve you, working with you to make mid-Cornwall an even better place to live.