I will represent your interests and be a strong Cornish voice in Parliament

General Election 2017 update

When I stood for election in 2015, I said it would be you, not the Conservative Party who would be my boss.

In my work as your MP I have done all I can to live up to this promise. I have often challenged the Government and voted against the party when I have felt it was not to the best interests of Mid-Cornwall.

In April, the Cornish Guardian wrote:

‘Steve Double, in particular, has been a source of annoyance on many party matters, reminding everyone that is a proud Cornishman first and an elected Conservative second.'

I have stood up to the Government on the Devonwall issue - for more information see here

I have also campaigned to reverse unfair rules on taking holidays during term time - for more information see here

Original content

It is time for strong leadership in mid-Cornwall. You need an MP who will work to bring about positive change in this area. Important issues have been skirted around or ignored for too long.

My action plan is based on what you have told me we need for our area.

I will engage with business, government and the local community, involving the key players to bring about positive change. This is a challenge I have started and am determined to continue now I have been elected.

It is you, not the Conservative Party who will be my boss; I will be accessible and accountable to you. I will always do what I believe is right and best for mid- Cornwall and put your interests above Party politics.

I am a Cornishman first and foremost and that will not change.

I am under no illusions as to the size of the job I have taken on. We face some big challenges here in mid-Cornwall that need to be addressed, but we also have some great opportunities. I am determined to provide the strong leadership we need to face our challenges, grasp our opportunities and work to make this an even better place to live.

It is clear that 6 Cornish Conservative MPs in a Conservative Government gives us a huge opportunity to attract the investment we have lacked for so many years. I, along with my fellow Cornish MPs, will be doing everything we possibly can to make the most of this opportunity.

The Government is not hampered by the need for Coalition negotiations and compromises and so we have got straight down to business delivering the initiatives we were elected on in our manifesto.

I am ambitious and enthusiastic about our constituency’s future. We need to preserve what is best about this area but also look confidently to the future with a bold vision. I really believe we are on the brink of an exciting period in our history. There will be many ups and downs over the coming five years. Whatever the coming years bring, I will never forget that it is you, the people of this constituency who are my boss. I will remain accessible and accountable to you and always do what I believe is right and best for mid-Cornwall.

Being your MP is an incredible honour and I look forward to representing and serving you and working with you to make mid-Cornwall an even better place to live.


Devolution for Cornwall

After many years of inaction by previous governments, soon after the General Election the  Prime Minister made Cornwall the first rural area to be given devolved powers, which among other things include devolution of the bus network, the granting of Intermediary Body Status for the purposes of controlling European funding, and integration of health and social care services.

I am privileged to have worked with my fellow Cornish MP’s in driving this Deal for Cornwall. This Conservative Government has listened to the appetite for devolution amongst the Cornish people and has responded quickly with a package of measures that give Cornwall greater control of some of the keys issues affecting our Duchy.  At the election some of the issues most often raised by local people were public transport, economic growth and Health and Social Care. Along with the investment already being delivered by the Government in our roads, railway, jobs and apprenticeships, this devolution deal gives Cornwall great control over some of the services that matter most to local people. This is not about more power for the council but for Cornwall. We are devolving powers and getting local bodies, across a number of sectors, to work together to provide local services.

This is a once in a generation opportunity for Cornwall to have more say over its own affairs. For too long we have been overlooked and neglected. Now we have a Government and group of MPs who not only understands what Cornwall needs but is able and committed to deliver the changes we need. There are still a number of details to be worked out but I see this as an important first step with the potential of more to follow. But it is first down to Cornwall Council working with the LEP and health care providers as well as the local MPs to demonstrate we are able to take on these additional responsibilities and deliver positive change for Cornwall.