I will work to create jobs and career opportunities for young people

General Election 2017 update

I have championed Cornwall Airport Newquay’s bid to be the UK’s first Spaceport, which has seen it able to apply for part of a £10m Government fund for the space industry. I am delighted to see this bid has now been submitted, and if successful this will transform the local area, bringing unheard of levels of investment and highly skilled jobs to Mid-Cornwall.

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I have backed the plans for Heathrow expansion, which had led to Cornwall Airport Newquay being a named beneficiary of the plans. Once these go ahead this will lead to more expansion and more jobs at Cornwall Airport Newquay.

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I have worked with the Government on the new Modern Industrial Strategy which will support business growth and create more high skilled, high paid jobs for Mid-Cornwall.  

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Better paid jobs and career opportunities for young people remain one of the hottest topics that you raise with me.

So many of our young people have been forced to leave the county to seek work elsewhere, a trend that sadly has been in place for many decades.

I want us to reverse this trend, to provide a future for our young people so they can thrive in Cornwall.

The Conservatives have a strong track record of assisting in the creation of apprenticeships and job opportunities.


The apprenticeship qualification is an excellent way for people to gain vocational skills as well as providing absolutely vital on the job training which you simply cannot replicate in the classroom.

Jordan Rowse, from Par was selected to become an apprentice in my constituency office located in St Austell. The paid position will allow Jordan to develop skills in politics, casework, administration and knowledge of Parliamentary procedures.

I would recommend apprenticeships to any employer or prospective employee and am delighted to have taken on Jordan as my apprentice. I hope he will gain invaluable experience in the varied activities that my office participates in in order to support me and the constituents of Mid-Cornwall that I am honoured to represent.

Apprenticeships are vitally important to the UK’s continued economic recovery, helping the UK compete in the future through a highly skilled workforce. The National Audit Office has estimated that for every £1 spent on apprenticeships the wider economy benefits by £18.

The Government will cover 100% of training costs for apprentices aged 16-1Companies employing less than 50 staff can receive grants of up to £1,500 to help support apprentices, in addition to training costs, if they have not taken on apprentices in the previous 12 months and the apprentice they appoint is aged 16 – 24.

We have seen 5,810 new apprenticeships started in our constituency since 2010. This means more young people in Mid-Cornwall getting the skills to get on in life and do well.

Apprenticeships have been a core part of our plan to deliver a more secure future for young people, which is why we committed to deliver 3 million more high quality apprenticeships by 2020 – with these figures confirming we are already making progress towards that.

By delivering this we will ensure more young people earning and learning, with the prospect of a good job and a more secure future ahead of them.

I will continue to work with local businesses, setting out the benefits and how to get involved, and take on their own apprentice.

The UK’s Spaceport in Newquay?

I have been working to promote Newquay’s bid to be the site of the UK’s Spaceport.

In my opinion Newquay is in a very strong position, it boasts the fifth biggest runway in the UK and offers the Space industry room to grow in the Aerohub Enterprise Zone. I believe a Spaceport in Cornwall will be a game changer to the local economy.  It will attract a whole host of technical jobs and tourists from across the globe at a level we do not currently experience.

Newquay’s runway is perfect for the job, being able to accommodate fast and large civilian and military planes and of course, it’s already home to the Aerohub and Cornwall Airport at Newquay.

In December I asked the Prime Minister during his Question Time about the timing of the decision on the location of the spaceport and asked for his backing for Newquay’s case.

As a strong supporter of Newquay’s airport, he was able to recognise the opportunity to provide a hub of business in Cornwall at this base and the ability for the UK to become the hub for space flight, which in turn will attract fantastic investment and create jobs.

As the final selection process is likely to happen this year, I am continuing to work hard in Westminster to fight for Newquay’s case. That said, if Newquay is granted this status, it will have to go through the due process of planning and residents will be consulted as some have noise and environmental concerns they wish to see addressed.

Engaging with our schools

Straight after my election I wrote to every school in our constituency, to let them know I am more than happy to visit them and discuss my role as Member of Parliament.

Now, more than ever it is crucial that we engage with our next generation that will hold the future in their hands and promote our democratic system and why it is so important to participate in and vote.

I was pleased to get an excellent response and have since visited schools in our constituency on as nearly weekly basis, as well as welcoming many students to Westminster to show them a ground-level view of how Parliament works.