Immigration Minister Visits St Austell

St Austell welcomed Minister for Immigration, Mark Harper MP to town last week. The Minister was hosted by Prospective Conservative MP, Steve Double, who joined him in a meeting with local St Austell residents, businesses and councilors at St Austell Conservative Club.

Both Mark and Steve were keen to listen to the views of the local residents but also to spread the positive news of what the Conservative led Government is achieving.

Steve says: “As I have been out talking to local residents, immigration is one of the concerns raised most often with me. It was great to hear first hand from the Minister concerned what the Conservative led government is doing to address this important issue. The message was very clear that we are determined to stop those coming here who simply want to take from our country whilst welcoming those that want to come and make a positive contribution.”

Mr Harper said, "We've already reduced net immigration to Britain by a third since the peak in 2010.  But it's not just about the numbers it's about welcoming the right people to our country.  We want the best and the brightest to be able to come here to contribute to our economy.  We're seeing a growth in the number of skilled workers and university students coming here at the same time as we cut out abuse of the system.”