MP, Town Council and Police and Crime Commissioner work together to ensure Newquay benefits from share of £500k anti-social behaviour fund

Steve Double, Member of Parliament for St Austell and Newquay has worked with Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez to ensure a share of a £500,000 fund targeting anti-social behaviour in the region has been made available for hotspots in Newquay.

PCC Alison Hernandez has made the extra money available to tackle antisocial behaviour in 20 key summer locations across Devon and Cornwall ahead of the recent easing of coronavirus restrictions and a summer surge in visitors.

The funding can be spent on street marshals, CCTV, assisting volunteer schemes like Street Pastors and the provision of temporary toilets.

In recent weeks police and communities have faced new challenges as the lockdown restriction have been eased and this additional money is aimed at assisting with the smooth transition out of lockdown to more normal times.

Commenting, Steve said:

“I am delighted to have worked with PCC Hernandez to secure additional funding to combat anti-social behaviour in Newquay Town Centre and on Towan and Fistral Beaches.”

“These are all areas that have traditionally struggled with anti-social behaviour, particularly in the summer months and it is good to see this funding come forward for the community to help assist the police with addressing this issue.”

“It is also good to see Newquay Town Council already come forward with sensible proposals to make the lasting changes this funding can help bring about.”

The Police and Crime Commissioner said that the funding was in addition to the £1.7m invested annually by her in community safety partnerships. These work with local partners to build safer communities.

“We are entering what is traditionally Devon and Cornwall Police’s busiest period, with potentially even more visitors to the Westcountry than in previous years,” she said.

“I welcome the fact that the bars, restaurants and cafes which are an important part of our economy have been able to open this weekend, and we can once again give tourists a warm westcountry welcome.”

“But I do want people to behave responsibly and consider the impact of their behaviour on others. This funding represents a significant investment in practical measures that, in partnership with councils and police, will help keep people safe and reduce the impact of the impending changes to coronavirus regulations.”

Newquay Town Council have now worked with PCC Hernandez to bring forward a tailored solution for Newquay using the money provided.

Commenting, Newquay Mayor, Cllr Louis Gardner said:

“Newquay Town Council have worked alongside Steve Double MP and the Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez to ensure that this funding is targeted in the areas of Newquay that will make maximum impact.

“The money will be spent on infrastructure which will not only aid in reducing anti-social behaviour now and allow Newquay to open up from lockdown in a safe manner, but on completion of the fight against the pandemic, will add to and enhance the year-round safety infrastructure of the town.”

“As Mayor of Newquay I welcome this extra investment into our town, it has come just at the point in time that it was most needed.”