Statement from Steve Double MP on latest Brexit developments

“I am very disappointed in the Prime Minister’s statement last night.”

“We again face a further delay to leaving the European Union.”

“In addition she is looking to the leader of the Labour Party to find a way to break the deadlock.”

“This is most likely to only result in a further dilution of Brexit.”

“I have sought to be willing to support the Prime Minister and compromise in order to ensure we left the EU as soon as possible. Even changing my vote to support her Withdrawal Agreement despite there being many aspects of it that I find unsatisfactory. It is therefore very disappointing that the Prime Minister has decided to move away from her own party towards those who have continually undermined her negotiations.”

“We will need to see what the coming days bring as they unfold. However I will continue to do all I can to keep my commitments made to the people of our constituency when I stood in the 2017 election – to respect the result of the referendum and ensure we leave the EU as soon as possible.”

“I will also keep to the Conservative 2017 Manifesto commitments that we will leave the EU, including the single market and customs union. I will resist all attempts to further delay, dilute or prevent Brexit.”

“These are clearly troubling and challenging times for all concerned. Like many who voted leave I feel incredibly frustrated and angry at the way things are unfolding as those in Parliament who seek to prevent us leaving are again today taking control of Parliamentary business, overthrowing long established Parliamentary procedures in order to undermine the democratic decision of the British people.”

“There is understandably a natural desire to react negatively at times like this.”

“However, it is important that those of us committed to ensuring we deliver on the referendum result and leave the EU remain focused, keep clear heads and remain united in achieving our goal.”