Statement from Steve Double MP on Polkyth Sports Hall future

“This week I have met with the GLL Regional Director and spoken with the Lead Cornwall Councillor responsible for Leisure at Cornwall Council. I can therefore now provide an update.”

“In my meeting with GLL I was very keen to emphasise how disappointed I am that again they have made or are planning to make major and fundamental changes to the services on offer at Polkyth and have not communicated this to the users of the facility in a timely manner. This happened previously in 2017 with the squash courts and we are again seeing it now.”

“I have emphasised to GLL that they must communicate better with all concerned in the future. GLL have apologised and said they have fallen short of what is expected on this occasion.”

“I have been told every time by GLL that the delivery of the soft play area was part of their contractual agreement with Cornwall Council when they took the leisure contract on in 2016. Therefore they say they are delivering what is part of their contractual obligation in putting the soft play area in.”

“I then spoke with the Cabinet Member at Cornwall Council responsible for leisure facilities in Cornwall, about what Cornwall Council’s understanding of this situation is.”

“I told the Cabinet Member that I am concerned that Cornwall Council’s Cabinet in 2016 voted to transfer the contract to GLL without being aware of the ramifications to Polkyth. Either they knew about the proposed changes or they did not. Either way, no consultation with local councillors or users of Polkyth took place and this is very concerning.”

“The Cabinet Member has committed to investigate this further, including finding exactly what was promised in GLL’s tender, and report back to me shortly.”