Steve Double MP statement on anti-social behaviour in St Austell

“My office is contacted on a daily basis by residents and businesses of St Austell who are concerned about the increase of anti-social behaviour, drug dealing, violent crime, begging and public drinking in the town centre.”

“In recent months, local organisations, working together as part of ‘Safer St Austell’ had managed to make real progress in reducing the level of anti-social behaviour in the town.”

“But all of this good work has now been undone by the actions of Cornwall Council, who have, without any consultation with local elected representatives, awarded a number of new contracts to organisations working with people with chaotic lifestyles.”

“St Austell has always been a caring town and I know from the many conversations I have had with local residents that there is a willingness to play our part in looking after local people who need support. But there is very real concern that decisions made by Cornwall Council are seeing a large number of people with chaotic lifestyles from across Cornwall and even further afield moved to the area.”

“While I am assured that some of this provision is temporary, I have been given no such assurances as to what will happen to the people using these services once they end, and fear a situation, much as we have seen previously, where these people will remain in the vicinity, and continue to cause issues long after the service provision has ended.”

“I have therefore joined with St Austell Town Council and local Cornwall Councillor Sandra Heyward to write to the CEO of Cornwall Council, ask for a meeting and urgent review of Cornwall Council’s recent decisions and the provision they provide in St Austell, with the aim to ensure the concerns of local people are addressed.”