Steve Double MP statement on Office of National Statistics announcement regarding Cornish tick box in next national census

“I am very disappointed in the recommendations recently published by the Office of National Statistics, contained in the Help Shape our Future white paper, that does not recommend a tick box for people who identify as Cornish to be included in the next national census.”

“I do think we need to understand that these are recommendations from an independent body (the ONS). It is the convention that the Government takes the advice of the ONS on matters relating to the census to avoid any criticism of political interference.”

“While this announcement is of course disappointing and a setback, it is not the end of this issue. I will continue to explore other options, both locally and in Parliament, to try to get this part of our unique Cornish identity recognised in the future. I have today requested an urgent meeting with the Minister responsible to discuss what courses of action may be open.”

“I remain committed to do all I can to ensure the Cornish get the recognition we are due under the National Minority Status granted under the Council of Europe Framework Convention.”