Steve Double MP statement on Prorogation of Parliament

“The current session has been the longest Parliamentary session in history, well over two years."

"It is right that a new Government and Prime Minister has the opportunity to lay out their new agenda. This is done through the Queen's Speech and it is all proper and in order for a new Prime Minister to do this."

“In fact until the current session Parliament has regularly prorogued ahead of a Queen’s Speech on essentially a yearly basis in recent times.”

“Of course Parliament traditionally does not sit for a length of time in September and October for Conference Recess. What our Queen has accepted is essentially an additional four days that Parliament will not be sitting on top of the time spent in Conference Recess, compared to last year. No one has yet been able to explain to me what Parliament would be able to accomplish in those four days that they have not already tried in the past three years.”

“Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs had three opportunities to vote for a deal but voted against it. So their complaints about heading towards a No Deal Brexit are a bit hypocritical when they have consistently voted against Brexit with a deal. Boris Johnson’s Government has done what I have supported all along, and what the previous Government should have done and made it clear that No Deal was still on the negotiating table and ensure that significant preparations were underway to ensure that in the event of No Deal, we can mitigate any negative impact.”

"Some critics are opposing this and saying it is about trying to stop a No Deal Brexit. They should be honest as this simply is not the truth – this is about them stopping Brexit altogether and going against the result of the 2016 Referendum."

"I welcome the Prime Minister's announcement. He is doing what he said he was going to do and this is the leadership that the country has been longing for.”