Steve Double MP welcomes launch of EU Settled Status Scheme

The EU Settled Status Scheme allowing EU citizens who live and work in the UK to remain has opened for registration.

Today’s launch represents a generous offer to EU citizens and an important step towards guaranteeing their legal rights after we leave the EU, deal or no deal.

It is important that we send a clear message to all EU citizens currently resident in the UK: you are welcome to stay and we want you to stay.

In Cornwall, EU citizens contribute to many of our industries, from tourism to agriculture as well working in the public sector such as the NHS.

This scheme will enable them to continue making these important contributions to our economy while allowing the Government to respect the results of the 2016 referendum by taking back control of our immigration policy.

The scheme is open to all EU citizens and their family members currently residing in the UK.

EU citizens can expect to be granted Settled Status if they have i) lived in the UK for five years or more, ii) have not spent over six months overseas in any 12-month period and iii) do not have a serious criminal record.

Those with under five years residency in the UK will be able to apply for Pre-Settled Status before switching to Settled Status for free once they accrued continuous residency in the UK for five years.

The Home Office has promised a fast and straightforward online application process.

The original fee of the scheme was set to at £65 per application, with a reduced fee of £32.50 for under-16s. However following discussions with stakeholders the Government has announced that when the scheme is fully rolled out, the application fee will be waived so that there is no financial barrier for any EU nationals who wish to stay.

Anyone who has already applied will have their fee reimbursed.

EU citizens who already hold Indefinite Leave to Remain or Permanent Residency in the UK will be able to exchange their current status for Settled Status.

Applications for the Settled Status Scheme should be submitted no later than 30 June 2021 to ensure that applicants and their family members can remain in the UK after Brexit.

Register for settled status on the Home Office’s website: