St Austell and Newquay Constituency 2024 priorities survey

Being the MP for the place I was born, raised and have lived and worked my whole life, through some of the most turbulent times in our political history, has been both an honour and a challenge.

From the EU referendum, the Brexit negotiations, the COVID pandemic and the impact of the war in Ukraine, it has often felt like one crisis after another. On top of this we have had three elections and 5 Prime Ministers in this time.

I know this has been a difficult time for many people and most likely seemed at times that Westminster was in chaos whilst we sought to grapple with these issues.

During this time I have always sought to remain focus on delivering the things I set out to do when I was first elected. This included securing inward investment and economic growth, investing in our infrastructure and supporting households and businesses.

As I look back over this time, there are of course frustrations. One of the things you learn in politics is that it seems to take too long to achieve anything. But I am also very proud of what has been achieved. 

  • £80million St Austell Link Road
  • £50million for the Mid-Cornwall Metro
  • Many millions for the Cornwall Spaceport
  • Three new primary schools
  • Funding for a new college campus
  • Funding for flood prevention in Par
  • Supporting the development of geothermal energy and lithium mining

This is as well as unprecedented levels of support for households and businesses through the pandemic, help with energy bills last year and maintaining the triple lock for pension increases.

These are all things I worked at the heart of government to secure.

But I have not finished yet, far from it!

With the General Election now called for 4 July, I would be grateful for your thoughts on where your priorities lie as we move into what will undoubtedly be another busy and eventful year.

There are new opportunities and challenges I want to work on and so I will be seeking to be re-elected as your MP this year, whenever the election comes.

Please take a couple of minutes to fill out my survey below:

2024 Priorities survey

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