More funding for Cornwall culture and language imminent as further details of Cornish Language and Culture Fund revealed

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has been provided further information of the Cornish Language and Culture Fund, announced earlier this year, as the £200,000 payment for 2019/20 nears completion.

Writing to Cornwall Council, the DHCLG states:

“This fund is intended to further support the development of Cornish culture and heritage, including the Cornish language. This funding will help to improve the resilience and sustainability of the Cornish language and culture and prevent an England-only national minority and culture from dying…”

“… we are committed to continuing to work with Cornwall Council over the long term to develop sustainable funding for culture, heritage and language and we look forward to deepening our partnership to deliver upon our shared responsibilities under the Framework Convention.”

Commenting, Mid-Cornwall MP Steve Double said:

“I welcome the further detail provided by the DHCLG following Lord Bourne’s announcement of the Cornish Language and Culture Fund at the first ever UK National Minorities Summit held in Cornwall earlier this year.”

“This £200,000 to support Cornish culture, heritage and language is something myself and the other Cornish MPs worked with partners across Cornwall to make the successful case for. I look forward to the money being paid soon and then to work with Cornwall Council to come up with ways to spend it that will benefit Cornwall for generations to come.”