Exiting the EU

Campaign reply: “One crisis at a time”

A number of constituents have sent me a copy of a campaign email “One crisis at a time”, seeking an extension to the negotiations with the EU.

The government has made it clear since before the last election that they would not seek any extension to the transition period. A stance I entirely support. It was only when the then new prime minister, Mr Johnson, came to office and made it clear to the EU that the time for dither, delay and obfuscation were over that the EU begun to realise that the UK was not going to pushed around anymore. I fear the tactics of old, used by the EU to hold everything up in the hope of ensnaring and wearing down those in negotiation with them has been rumbled and they are beginning to grasp the position: we seek a trade deal with our friends and neighbours and will negotiate in good faith to that end in the time agreed.

The comment we should “ focus on one crisis at a time” is a mystery to me. Leaving the EU is a huge opportunity for the UK – not a crisis. There will be challenges as there is with any change, but the future is a brighter and better one than staying within the EU any longer than we have to.