Campaign reply HS2 Betrays us All and the short video that it contained - 8 July 2020

I am not sure if this video has been verified as accurate so I am unable to comment on it.

You may be interested in this link,less%20than%20domestic%20air%20travel.

It is worth noting that one of the greenest forms of transport is of course rail, so a balance must be struck with meeting the needs of travel in the UK and the impact it may have following its construction. I am aware that considerable thought and planning has been given to environmental issues but note the concerns raised.

As you will be aware, HS2, a Labour government inspired scheme from 2009 has been controversial on a range of matters and there is growing concern that the overall cost is going to be considerably higher than first thought. This is concerning.

The route for HS2 has always been contentious and there are many interested parties that have expressed concerns from inception.

For the sake of transparency here is a link to all the documents that have recently been released that will give facts regarding this project. These are regularly updated so I would encourage readers to look at this information.

Thank you for being in touch.